I have been on a few stages in my life.

I have also been in front of a few cameras.

Each time, whether performing in a piano recital, a classical quartet, doing a solo monologue or performing a scene on stage or screen, something happens. Something that is hard to put in to words. It’s that time when nothing else matters; not the past or the future, not the things you have to do at home or at work. Everything stops, and you gather what you have inside you – your skill and knowledge that has been worked on and engrained in your body – and you bring it forward to communicate to the world. Whether it’s a count-in of “1, 2, 3, 4”, or the word “action!”, when the time comes to perform, something just…happens, and you are thrust to the most exciting, dangerous and amazing place to be – the present moment.

Thursday night – it’s going to be raw, dangerous, exciting and fresh. See you there.


“The readiness is all”

-William Shakespeare

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