Armed with…

…a killer DIY work ethic, transcendent friendships and a mastery of online want-ad web sites, Hello Companion is a Toronto based independent alternative rock band formed in 2011 by two life long friends; singer/songwriter Andrew Church and bassist Sean Campbell.

In late 2012 they met drummer Dave Mitchell through an posted on Craigslist that simply said; “drummer needed for November gig”. Since then they have played such legendary Toronto venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, and The El Mocambo. In August 2013 the band recorded their first EP, “Here, in This” which sold out quickly at venues and online. Their first post-EP single, “Cracks” was released in January 2105.

2014 saw the band win the “Road to CMW” contest against several local bands, gaining the band a coveted showcase spot at Canadian Music Week later that spring. Later that year they recorded and released a high-energy single “Cracks” and continue to craft and perfect dozens of songs to choose from for their forthcoming full-length album.

In 2015 Hello Companion found lead guitarist Dennis Borges via Craigslist, again. Dennis rounds out the sound and brings depth to their live shows.

Pushing their brand to the next level, the band will be performing at select music industry conferences, coordinating a tour and presenting their songs to multiple award-winning producers

Combining talent, passion, friendship and a strong work ethic, the band is ready for the next level, and beyond.

Hello Companion are: Andrew Church, Dave Mitchell, Dennis Borges and Sean Campbell.

Andrew: 1983 – Singer, songwriter, guitars, keys.
Andrew was born and raised in Halifax. He moved to Toronto when he was 22 to pursue an acting career. He continues to work in television and theatre. Andrew studied piano, recorder, drums and percussion as a child and teenager. He taught himself to play the guitar and bass, and began writing songs when he was 17 in is parents basement, to the audience of a yellow wall. Andrew has played in a number of bands over the years, but none have stuck quite like Hello Companion. The musical stylings of pop, rock, soul, classical, folk, funk and electronic are all key influences.

Dave: 1972 – Drums, electronics, vocal harmony
Dave has been drumming since age 12 when he heard Neal Peart’s drum solo on Rush’s Exit Stage Left album, and said to himself “I want to do that!”. His grandmother bought him a drum kit in spite of the noise it was destined to create. “The boy’s got rhythm” his mom said, and so it was – drums were to be his instrument and eventually his escape, meditation, and passion. A hard hitting, athletic drummer, Dave’s solid meter and groove based rhythms are best paired with a funky bass, and a nice Chianti. Dave also designs and manages the bands online assets such as, BandCamp, ReverbNation, and has designed most of Hello Companion’s branding.

Dennis: 1978 – Lead guitars, keys
Gathering his druthers in an era when cross-pollination of musical forces and styles were coming together in new ever growing ways, Dennis grew up in southern Ontario suburbs with various family and friends listening to everything. Thanks to a big brother and neighbourhood kids, the seeds of musical diversity and ‘practical application’ were embedded early on in the young lad through exposure to live performances in those ancient pre-Interweb days. As he got older, his brain and mandibles steadily explored every corner of the musical universe using tools like guitars, bass, turntables, keyboards and eventually vocal chords. Playing in several different bands doing original music and covers over the years Dennis joined Hello Companion in early 2015 and continues his explorations in ever increasing spirals.

Sean: 1983 – Bass, stage presence
Sean began to teach himself bass guitar at age 16. He subsequently spent way too much time in his bedroom in hometown Halifax, learning songs by his favourite prog, metal and funk bands. Sean moved to Toronto in 2005 and in 2011 he started playing with Andrew Church, forming Hello Companion, and the rest is…