that “70’s Song”

We have a new song for you, finally! We call it “70’s Song”.

A throwback to a simpler time, when rock was rock and working from home meant something completely different. More new stuff coming soon. Promise.


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Cracks, the single


So, we spent a bit of time late last year (2014) planning and recording a single we call Cracks…



We then took even more time to embellish,cracks-single(700x700) mix, mix some more, polish and mix it again.  Then the holidays happened, and we sat on it for a bit.  We let it age, mature a while.

We feel it’s now time to release it to the masses.  So sit back, pop on your rockin’ist headphones and ‘crack’ the cork on this slammin’ tune.

We hope you enjoy it!  If you do, please consider a small donation of support.  Click on the picture to the right, then the “buy now” link at the bottom. For a paltry $0.99 you can own your very own high resolution copy of Cracks!

Peace, love and Hello Companion.

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